IELTS essay “Is knowing our own history important?”

IELTS essay “Is knowing our own history important?”

IELTS essay writing по статистике за 2014 год(приведена ниже в сокращённом виде)  является отстающим навыком у всех кандидатов независимо от страны происхождения.

Mean band scores for the most frequent countries or regions of origin (ACR) 2014

Place of originListeningReadingWritingSpeakingOVERALL
Russian Federation6.
United Arab Emirates4.
United Kingdom7.
Viet Nam6.


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Ниже привожу образцы сочинений моих студентов на 6.0 band score.

It is often argued that learning history is a waste of time as historical events are unique and never repeat. Is knowing our own history important? Discuss.

Sample answer 1

The importance of history is irrefutable. That’s why pupils all over the world learn history at school and a lot of universities provide students and graduate students with profound knowledge of world history. Undoubtedly we can approve of learning history or not. But we have to know it just to be intelligent and be able to keep up the conversation. But there are two different points of view on whether history is a must to learn and discover or not.
Some people claim that history is faked, fabricated rubbish and utter nonsense. And there is a sense in their opinion. As history is written by people: monks, chronicler or court circle and they could have made mistakes accidentally or deliberately. It has been proven that many historical works (manuscript, annals, chronicles) contain mistakes or inconsistencies. It also must be noticed that such works were rewritten several times that caused such lack of correspondence. It must be added that different people interpret the same events in different ways; somebody could do it to their profit. Also some people take a narrow view of facts while the others think wider and try to explain the turn of events.

But another point of view concerns the statement that the knowledge of history gives us a chance to learn more about ourselves, our ancestors, traditions and customs. Analyzing that, we can predict our future. I am not able to imagine how we can foresee the future, because actually a lot of things are out of our control and are unpredictable. But even if we could, we don’t need it, because our life would have lost its sense and become bland.
In my opinion the thing that makes history significant for us is an opportunity to enjoy learning it, experience amazing events and get emotions from plunging into history.

380 words

Sample answer 2

The history plays a significant role in human existence and development. It is hardly possible to imagine our future without knowing and remembering our past. In the following essay I would like to call attention to mater of great importance of knowledge of history.

Perhaps, the major advantage of this is the information that people know about their past. This is especially important for younger generation for understanding their origin and position in the current world. Knowledge/awareness of history will help them to find the answers on such questions as: who they are, where their ancestry came from and how their society has grown.

Another significant advantage of this is that there is the opportunity for people to make the right conclusions and do not repeat the previous mistakes. For example, it can be clearly seen on effects which could be provoked by people’s acts such as outbreak wars, extermination of nations and man-made disasters.  Being informed of these consequences will probably stop humanity from repetition horrible actions.

My personal position is that without knowing our own history it would be complicated to build a responsible, intelligent and tolerant society. In addition, to my mind I do not see any drawbacks of study of history to individuals.

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