Full time university students should study a lot of time, but they also should be involved in other activities. To what extent do you agree?

Пример эссе моей студентки (Band 7.5):

There is a view that university students studying full time should devote their time not only to the education process but also to extracurricular activities. In my opinion, such activities are essential for improving their communication skills and gaining the experience to build their future careers. 

To begin with, out-of-the-classroom activities are imperative for future job success. These activities help students to link their academic knowledge with practical skills, thus leading to better understanding of their own talents and abilities, and, therefore, their career aspirations. Students’ clubs located on university campuses give students an opportunity to acquire deeper knowledge and experience in a chosen field. For instance, being involved in robotics opens up opportunities in IT careers.

Furthermore, extracurricular involvement plays an integral role in the development of a well-rounded individual. Interactions with peers facilitate the development of such skills as negotiation, better communication, leadership and conflict management skills, which are vital for the development of a mature individual. While taking part in extracurricular activities, students have to find a common language with people with different characters and preferences. 

In conclusion, even though full time university students should study a lot of time, I believe that out-of-the-classroom involvement is crucial for university students because it is useful for their career success and helpful to have effective communication with others.

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