An English-speaking friend wants to spend a two-week holiday in your region and has written asking for information and advice. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

· offer to find somewhere to stay

· give advice about what to do

· give information about what clothes to bring



Dear Mike,

Thanks for your recent letter. Hope you’re doing well.

Sorry, it’s taken me so long to write to you but at last, I’ve put pen to paper to give you some useful tips on your soonest trip!

Well, I was thrilled to find out about your coming. I really hope you have already found a place to stay. You know the high season is coming, don’t you? With that said, I would be glad to offer you to stay over for a few nights at my friends’ place, they are saying they have plenty of room!


So, what else? Guess, you are likely to go sightseeing, and I’m offering you to go the downtown bar and see the Metal Kings performing, don’t miss the boat since they’re still going to be there at the same time with you!


Anyway, I’ve also thought I’d write to let you know that you’ll need more than just a swimsuit because it gets quite chilly here every now and then at night. Make sure you pick a proper sweater for it.


Give my best to the family, can’t wait to see you!


Take care,