IELTS Task 1 Informal letters: Career

You have recently started working for a new company. Write a letter to an English speaking friend. In your letter:

  • Explain the reasons why you changed jobs
  • Describe your new job
  • Tell him/her your other news


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your recent letter. How’s everything going?

Sorry, it’s taken me so long to write to you, but at last, I’ve put pen to paper to share my career updates with you. 

So, it actually was a dead-end job for me working as an assistant at Perkin’s. You know I’ve always wanted to obtain experience at a travel agency, don’t you? Here I am now!

Want to let you know that I was over the moon to find out my new job duties! My basic assumption is to make clients feel on the top of the world on their furlough and the like. And I’m so thrilled about it.

Also, my cousin, Russ, has tied the knot and I’ve been to his wedding. Such touching was the celebration that everybody cried, without any exceptions. However, I felt like a fish out of water there, because I didn’t know anybody, only for my cousin, of course.

Well, let me finish here. Give my best to everyone in the family!

Take care,



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