IELTS OPINION Essay: Parks or Housing

Planting trees is very important for the environment. Some people say trees should be planted in the vacant areas of cities and towns. While others believe housing facilities should be built instead. What is your opinion? 

Parks are known to bring environmental benefits and it is sometimes believed that they should be planted in any untaken urban areas, while there are those who advocate the construction of residential objects in these places. In my opinion, local authorities should exert their full effort to strike a balance between oxygen-producing green areas and accommodation required for a constantly growing urban population.

Polluted urban areas require bringing natural elements into urban settings inasmuch as trees contribute to the environment by producing oxygen, thus, they are essential for citizens’ health. This is because, during the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen citizens breath. As such, publicly available green zones not only curb air pollution but also improve the quality of living. A prime example is Moscow that prioritizes the expansion of public green zones over housing construction projects for this very reason. Were it not for oxygen produced by trees, city residents would choke on fumes emitted by transport.

Admittedly, overcrowded as today’s cities tend to be, they require additional residential facilities to accommodate those who flock to cities in pursuit of opportunities. This is because having a roof over one’s head is part and parcel of successful adaptation to urban life. If not provided with decent and affordable accommodation, newcomers may contribute to a looming housing crisis with adverse social consequences such as homelessness and a surge in the crime rate. However, the conventional space-intensive building has proven to be unable to meet these demands, and hence, innovative space-efficient construction is required to find a balance between housing facilities and green zones.  

In conclusion, I believe that although residents ought to be provided with reasonable accommodation, this should not be undertaken at the expense of green zones which would pose a threat to people’s health in the long run.