IELTS essay sample: School Uniform

Разберем по шагам, как писать IELTS essay sample на тему School Uniform.

Many people believe that school uniforms stop children from expressing their personality and individuality. Therefore, uniforms should be banned and children be allowed to wear what they want. Do you agree or disagree? 

Шаг 1: Introduction

после перефразированная задания отвечаем прямо на вопрос эссе и презентуем 2 аргумента в поддержку вашей позиции:

It is thought that school uniforms should become a relic of the past as they infringe upon students’ right to express themselves through their clothes. I strongly agree with this because being free to choose what to wear to school can promote not only students’ well-being but also their sense of independent thought

Шаг 2: Body Paragraph 1

презентуем первый аргумент “mental health” в первом предложении параграфа + развиваем аргумент вглубь в 2-3 supporting sentences:

 School uniforms should be banned as inability to show one’s individuality can negatively affect students’ mental health. Clothes are a part of students’ identity as what they wear transmits who they are. However, school uniforms are designed following a set of requirements, where any deviations demonstrating students’ uniqueness are prohibited. Hence, having to wear a uniform, students do not have an opportunity to set themselves apart from their peers, which can make students lose connection with their identity. 

Шаг 3: Body Paragraph 2

презентуем второй аргумент “sense of independent thought” в первом предложении параграфа + развиваем аргумент вглубь в 2-3 supporting sentences:

Requirement to wear a uniform may discourage students from independent thinking, which is part and parcel of self-expression. Uniforms, by their nature, limit freedom of thought, promoting sameness and conformity rather than out-of-the box thinking. As such, uniforms make students feel pressure to accept the norms imposed instead of developing their own way of thinking.

Шаг 4: Conclusion

дублируем мнение в заключении + суммируем оба аргумента:

 In conclusion, I think that uniforms should have no place at school. It is students who should decide what to wear to school because freedom of self-expression is fundamental not only for students’ mental health but also for their independent thinking.


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