IELTS Cause & Solution Essay: The production has damaged the environment

The increase in the production of consumer goods has damaged the environment. What is the damage caused by? What can be done to reduce the damage? 


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Never before have people been so concerned with issues related to the preservation of the environment which is being devastated by the increased volume of manufactured goods. Firstly, this essay will discuss the root cause why this issue arises which is indecomposable refuse and, secondly, it will analyze the recycling as the most effective measure to improve the state of affairs.


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The principal cause of environmental deterioration is anthropologically induced pollution, particularly non-recyclable waste remaining after the production and consumption of goods. The reason for this is that by gaining more profits while production of consumer items, manufacturers apply lasting materials having a detrimental effect on the environment. As a result, certain species of animals have become endangered which is followed by the risk of their extinction in the long run. A prime example is plastic waste in the oceans resulting in the death of underwater creatures. 


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The best solution to tackle this worrying problem can be the recycling of waste, hence, it is high time? the authorities motivated citizens to pursue this path. This is because not only does reprocessing preserve nature, but it also contributes to a stronger economy by reducing the cost of reused materials. As a consequence, if it were not for recycling, the environment would experience alarming pollution and species extinction. For instance, recent research carried out by scientists has revealed that indecomposable waste in the oceans would be decreased by 87% provided that plastic was used repeatedly by the majority of factories.


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In conclusion, the main cause why the production of retail goods has a harmful influence on the environment is waste which can be solved through the implementation of ubiquitous recycling. 

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